New to Food Business News in 2018, Sponsored Webinars provide an opportunity to sponsor designated topics with content developed and presented by the editors of Food Business News. Limited sponsorships are available, with a maximum of three sponsors per topic.  Sponsor logos will appear on all promotions, the registration page and on the webinar console for the duration of the event.  Sponsors will also receive special recognition at the beginning and end of the webinar, and may provide a sales sheet or link to their site that will be made available to the audience during the event.  The full registration list will be sent to the sponsors in Excel format.




Flavor Trends

The flavor profiles that will drive food and beverage innovation in 2018 will be the focus of this exclusive webinar. The editors of Food Business News will review the trends and profiles driving flavor innovation in the year ahead, and review what top flavor trends from 2017 will carry over into 2018 and beyond. Taste remains king and the attendees of this event will walk away from the event a step ahead of their competition.


Inside Natural Products Expo West

The seeds of future food and beverage innovation sprout every year at the Natural Products Expo West tradeshow in Anaheim. The editors of Food Business News will review this year’s event and highlight innovative products and emerging consumer trends that may have an effect on food and beverage innovation this year and into the future.


Sweeter Markets and Trends

Sugar and corn sweetener markets are both dynamic and challenging. After a year of hurricanes and tight sugar supplies, what will the market portend for the remainder of 2018, especially with a new Farm Bill being negotiated? The webinar will include the latest in supply, demand and pricing trends in the domestic and global sugar market and the domestic corn sweetener market, while touching on regulatory issues and consumer trends affecting the sweetener industry.


Innovation Insights from IFT18

Food and beverage product developers are always wondering what’s next? This exclusive webinar from the editors of Food Business News will provide an answer. Nearly every segment of the food and beverage industry is being buffeted by changes in consumer and customer behavior. Our learnings from interviews with food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers from IFT18 will help product developers adapt to the dynamic changes occurring in the marketplace.


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